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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Douglas Paul Dohrman Discusses How to Build Kids’ STEM Skills From Home

Douglas Paul Dohrman recently discussed how parents can help build their kids’ STEM education skills from home.  Science, technology, engineering, mathematic — they’re the basis of STEM education and essential areas of learning for kids of all ages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently stated that there are more than 8.6 million STEM-oriented jobs in the […]

Douglas Paul Dohrman Discusses the Toll Wildfires Have Taken on California Wineries

Douglas Paul Dohrman discusses the toll wildfires have taken on California’s wine country. Wildfires rage yet again in the state of California. This year, the northern California wildfires coincide with the 2020 grape harvest, which has put many wine enthusiasts on edge. Douglas Paul Dohrman recently explained that fires have been blazing close to California’s prized wine […]