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Douglas Dohrman Talks About How Wine is a Great Social Tool

Douglas Dohrman Talks About How Wine is a Great Social Tool

Have you ever had a problem making friends with other people? They say that wine is a social lubricant that can help you open up to other people in conversation. Douglas Paul Dohrman is a wine connoisseur and is here today to explain the many reasons why wine is a great social tool that can help you make more everlasting relationships in your life.

The first thing that Douglas  Dohrman talks about is the fact that wine can help us relax. Whenever we drink wine, the alcohol hits our bloodstream and calms our nervous system. This can give us a feeling of being “buzzed” that many people drink wine to experience. While you shouldn’t drink wine only for the sake of feeling this euphoric feeling, it can most certainly help you socialize better in social settings if you’ve had a glass of wine. We can become incredibly nervous whenever we are meeting new people at a function or a party and a glass of wine is a great way to loosen up and make conversation with new people. It is a common anxiety that the new people we may meet may be rude or unkind. While this isn’t always the case, Douglas Paul Dohrman says that wine can help us prepare to socialize whenever we are feeling a bit clammy.

Douglas  Dohrman also states that wine clubs and groups are a great way to make new friends. Going to a wine hangout at your local vineyard is a great way to meet people with a common interest in wine. Douglas Paul Dohrman says that people from all different backgrounds show up at vineyards to taste and enjoy their favorite glasses of wine. Douglas Dohrman has met many friends at wine tastings and says that it is a great way to put yourself out there to meet new people. Douglas  Dohrman says that wine on that first date is also an incredible way to get to know someone special. Always drink in moderation but if your date wants to order a bottle of wine for the both of you it can be a great way to unwind and relax around someone new. Douglas Paul Dohrman says that wine has many utilities in life and socialization is a great one. Douglas Paul Dohrman recommends learning as much as you can about wine for conversational points before you head out to your next wine gathering.


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