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Douglas Paul Dohrman Discusses the Toll Wildfires Have Taken on California Wineries

Douglas Paul Dohrman discusses the toll wildfires have taken on California’s wine country.

Wildfires rage yet again in the state of California. This year, the northern California wildfires coincide with the 2020 grape harvest, which has put many wine enthusiasts on edge. Douglas Paul Dohrman recently explained that fires have been blazing close to California’s prized wine country, particularly the Walbridge fire near Healdsburg and the Hennessy fire uncomfortably close to Napa Valley.

Douglas Paul Dohrman added that, thanks to recent rain and diminished wind, many major wineries appear to have been spared for now. Although, La Borgata winery near Vacaville and Big Basin Vineyards near San Francisco were not as fortunate. La Borgata lost nearly everything — the distillery, winery, and vineyard. Bradley Brown of Big Basin Vineyards lost all of his 2020 crop and his home, but the winery was spared.

“This is unfortunate news for the entire wine industry,” Douglas Paul Dohrman said. “It’s a very tight-knit community, and the owners of these wineries know it could be any one of them at any time.”

Douglas Paul Dohrman explained that in addition to the destruction caused to Big Basin and La Borgata, the entire California wine industry is on edge. The 2019 fires are still fresh on the minds of those who own and work at wineries across California’s wine country, and the fire season is expected to continue for at least two more months.

“Those in the industry are trying to stay focused amidst all of the stress and anxiety,” Douglas Paul Dohrman said. “The harvest season is just beginning, which means there is a lot of work to be done harvesting grapes. Whites are ready and reds are beginning to ripen.”

Douglas Paul Dohrman added that the industry remains uncertain about the affect of surrounding smoke on vintage grapes. Experts are currently assessing the impact of smoke on various Napa Valley elevations and climates. He explained that the local wine community feels confident the smoke has not tainted the grapes so far this fire season.

Wine enthusiasts like Douglas Paul Dohrman explain that 2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for the wine industry. The coronavirus pandemic has put many on edge, and the surrounding wildfires have only increased anxiety levels. However, Douglas Paul Dohrman reported that those in the California wine industry are working harder than ever to recover the year 2020 with incredible wines.

“We’re hearing that growers have been working around the clock, and winemakers are seeing some of the most delicious fruit come out of this harvest season,” Douglas Paul Dohrman said. “Everyone is remaining optimistic that this could be a season that produces some of the best California wines yet.”

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